ACI Precast crews erect and enclose a structure in days or weeks depending on the size of the project. ACI Precast building technology is designed to meet tight deadlines and enable other trades to have an early start on their work. 

Our team of OSHA certified installers work closely with general contractors and construction managers. Project timelines are optimized with panel pre-fabrication assembly processes and erector set installation. This allows for direct saving on financing, project administration, supervision, multiple trade field coordination, and OSHA related safety risks.


Become a certified installer

ACI Precast Certification:

We offer certification programs to contractors and construction managers for rigging wall and floor assemblies from flat bed to panel placement. 

Planning, Method Statement, Risk Assessment

Each certified installer will become trained in risk assessment of site conditions related to the delivery and installation of the ACI Pre-cast panels.



All projects are assessed to determine any site restrictions and safety hazards. All panels are strategically loaded and safely secured on truck for fast track sequential unloading. 


Each panel generated in our software will serve as a guide to indicate the type of rigging and lifting configurations, position of lifting inserts, temporary bracing, and permanent panel connection points as certified by a PE third-party engineer. 

Certified Installers will be comprehensive in the following related to ACI precast panels:​

  • Application and comprehension of load factors

  • Inspection and identification of defective lifting gear

  • Various sling attachments and panel configurations

  • Correct method of working with cranes

  • Safe slinging techniques

  • Flagging, hand signals, whistle

  • Radio signals and terms for working with cranes