One of the earliest field applications of the ceramic concrete precast panels was the renovation of a seven-level Hilton Garden Inn in Durham, NC. The hotel was upgraded to add Precast ceramic composite panels were successfully implemented to panelize exterior cantilever roof parapet around perimeter of structure, a new seven level exterior mechanical chase, HVAC mechanical enclosures, dumpster dumpster pool fence, and a new storage room, along with along with other upgrades. The project architect and owner accepted the panelized design as a change order from an original steel frame stick-built design after hearing of the benefits provided by ceramic precast composite panels. The project allowed for a wide variety of applications demonstrating the versatility of panel architectural application in a commercial hospitality setting.


The prefabricated panels enabled the 6 month schedule to be completed in only 3 months, at a lower cost than stick-built. No scaffolding was needed, significantly reducing OSHA related safety risks. A small crane and boom lift were mobilized to install the prefabricated panels. The installation allowed for minimal equipment and safety hazards, and kept the job site clean and clear which was important to the hotel operator. Panels were casted on site in a remote corner of the parking lot in lengths of up to 30’. The project demonstrated record accelerated completion and cost savings, installing over 18,000 square feet of panels in under three months without interrupting hotel operations.