The construction industry is entering an unprecedented period of change. The demand for durable structures that can withstand the elements as well as provide high thermal efficiency for net zero deign are in high demand. New legislation is pushing the construction industry to meet more stringent energy standards as well as fire protection measures for building operations. For years, ACI-precast has been dedicated to innovating better structures through testing, product development, and delivery of proven successful case studies that have a major transformational impact on the U.S. construction industry. As we sustain our creative independence in the pursuit of new ideas that push the envelope in engineering and architectural design. ACI Pre-cast looks forward to the development of collaborative mutually beneficial partnerships and licensing opportunities. We are in a unique position to craft a new vision for the construction industry and to help bring about a new generation of modular architecture to meet both the challenges and opportunities of building a sustainable future.


ACI Precast offers strategic investment and partnership opportunities. We forge alliances with private equity investors and venture capitalists.


Technology Transfer

ACI Precast technology transfers are available to industry professionals who are interested in licensing opportunities to manufacture, assemble,  and install the patented technology through a transparent license agreement.

We train and guide licensee's through the precast modular production set-up:​

  • Consultations in optimized production planning.

  • Production capacity and flexibility, level of automation, and investment direct us in finding the right production solution.

  • Production optimization, training, and upgrades can be integrated into your operations.

  • Factory capacity level can range from a small humble operation of 1,000 SF a day to a 50,000.00 SF + a day production facility.