About The Inventor

Edward Rubio is an American inventor, designer, and contractor with over 35 years of construction experience in architectural and structural building enclosures, facades across North Carolina, New York, New Jersey. He completed land mark projects for the public school, university systems, hospitality, housing, senior citizen centers, and commercial projects.


Edward’s investigative research of conventional building systems raised serious life safety concerns related to natural & man-made disasters, devastating fires, high winds, seismic movements, moisture/mold, and thermal efficiency. His research of the behavior of traditional building assemblies inspired a new approach to sustainable design. On March 23, 2010 Patent No. US 7,681,368 B1 composite wall panel was granted by the US patent and trade mark office. The technology incorporated many years of research, testing, and comprehensive knowledge on insulated concrete forms, structural & cold formed steel, and ceramic precast concrete.


​Edward is inspired by innovation and thinking creatively.  He looks forward to networking with innovators and leaders to promote sustainable modular designs for communities seeking high performance building solutions to protect life and assets.


Our mission is to provide the most cost effective, light-weight, thermally efficient, fire rated, composite modular building system in the world; with a focus on sustainability, durability, life safety, and asset protection in our communities.